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Instant Google Translate on our website has been discontinued

Sorry, due to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have removed the Google Translator widget.

So our webseite is only available in german language yet.
As we are very busy due to our serious local windfarm problems, nobody has time to translate anything.

Alternative „copy & paste“ way to translate text from our website

To translate text of our home page, mark & copy (<strg>c) the text and paste it into a field (<strg>v) of the dedicated Google Translate website, but mind that you will leave our homepage, by clicking this link. So read the privacy policies of Google first and only use the link if you accept them.

English Articles

We have a few blog entries, referring to english articles.

Some basic translations

Perhaps the follwing table also helps a little bit to understand. Read this glossary without activating the google translator as it does not make any sense to translate a translation table into another language :o) Translating translations will produce lots of nonsense…

If you want to help us to translate important parts of our articles into other languages or to complete this glossary, you are welcome.

multi language






wind turbine


elektrownia wiatrowa

Windkraftanlage (WKA),

Windenergieanlage (WEA)

wind turbine


elektrownia wiatrowa



wind farm

parki wiatrowe


„wind mill“

german – english

german english
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Bürgerinitiative citizens initiative group,
Citizens action group
Bürgermeister mayor
Eule owl
Gegenwind head wind
Großgemeinde multi district municipality
Widerstreit der Interessen
clashing conflicts,
Incompatible interests
(private interests of a member of a parliament clash with public interests)
Köppel, Kopf and Eckmannshain environmentally sensitive area in the upper Vogelsberg near Ulrichstein, preferred i. e. By red kites,
Investors want to build up windfarms here
Kranich common crane
Kreis county
Landschaft landscape
Magistrat municipal authorities,
Municipal board
Mäusebussard common buzzard
Naturschutz nature conservancy
A german conservation association
Oberwald environmentally sensitive forest area in the upper Vogelsberg,
Litterally translated it means
„Upper Forest“
Platte, Alte Höhe, Ulrichsteiner Kreuz, Goldener Streinrück Existing windfarm areas near Ulrichstein
Rotmilan red kite,
Milvus milvus
Schutzzone protected area
Schwarzmilan black kite,
Milvus Migrans
Schwarzstorch black stork,
Ciconia Nigra
city council
Steinbach environmentally sensitive area in the west part of Ulrichstein (Unter-Seibertenrod),
Investors want to build up windfarms here
Uhu eagle owl,
Bubo bubo
Ulrichstein, Schotten … rural townships in Vogelsberg, Hesse
Umzingelung encirclement,
Vogelsberg highlands area in upper Hesse, Germany,
Litterally translated it means
„bird mountains“
Vogelsbergkreis Vogelsberg county
Waldschnepfe woodcook,
Scolopax rusticola
Wespenbussard honey buzzard
Zwirnberg environmentally sensitive area nearl Ulrichstein/Feldkrücken at the edge of the Oberwald,
Investors want to build up windfarms here


  • turbina eólica (spanish)
  • 风车 [風車] (chinese)
  • ruota a vento (italian)
  • ветровóе колесó (russian)
  • aeromotor (portugese)