Awaji Island: Windrad-Havarie in Japan

Windrad-Unfall am 2018-08-24 bei Taifun über West-Japan. Die nun umgestürzte Windkraftanlage war bereits durch einen Blitzschlag in 2017 vorgeschädigt:

Awaji Island wind turbine topples over as powerful typhoon passes western Japan

KOBE – A 60-meter-high wind turbine […] in Hyogo Prefecture toppled over in the early hours of Friday as powerful Typhoon Cimaron passed through western Japan. […]

The wind turbine was built in 2002 […] It had been out of commission since lightning struck nearby in May last year […] The giant windmill was found to have collapsed at around 6 a.m.. Parts of it had fallen onto a road that runs alongside the park.

(Quelle: The Japan Times News, 2018-08-24, abgerufen am 2018-08-25)

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